Hand-Laid Fiberglass

Hand laid fiberglass provides a uniform laminate and structure that is unsurpassed by other methods of lamination. Hand laid laminates also ensure that the laminate thickness is uniform and structurally free of defect. A hand built boat helps the consumer know that care was taken in construction so that their time on the water can be worry free.

Glass-Resin Ratio

Defiance employees utilize a resin delivery system that ensures the resin is catalyzed and delivered in correct proportions. This is vital in laminating to achieve the optimum glass to resin ratio for the greatest strength to weight ratio. Too much resin in a laminate causes a brittle laminate that can deteriorate over time, whereas a laminate with too little resin can cause structural failures down the road.

Stringer Systems

Defiance Stringer systems are fiberglass encapsulated and built to last. We use composite materials in all areas where they can be used to minimize weight, while providing the strength needed to maintain the solid Defiance feel and security.

Box Fit Assembly

When the Defiance are assembled, a box fit system is used to ensure proper alignment between the hull and the deck. All boats are also assembled using mechanical and chemical bonding to ensure that the structure is sound and will last a lifetime.