Fishing advantages


On our Defiance boats we design all of our boats to have ample fish storage.We design all of our boats so that they do not need Macerator pumps. Macerator pumps almost always go bad on a boat. Debris can ruin a pump completely and cause a trip to the dealer for repair. Our fishboxes are either removable or above deck so that can gravity drain overboard. Our above deck fishboxes are also fully insulated so that they can keep your catch cold and fresh on your long trip home after a successful offshore fishing trip.

fishing advantages

self balling cockpit


All of our Defiance models feature real, functional self bailing cockpits to ensure safe boating , and also ease of maintenance and cleaning. The fish deck is easily washed down with either a raw water washdown while under way or a freshwater hose after your trip is done. Defiances are designed and engineered to make your fishing trips easy, so that you don’t spend as much time cleaning your boat as you do on the water. The scuppers that are used on our 220 and 250 series boats are large 6” oval scuppers that bail water much faster and more efficiently than small, conventional scuppers that are used by most of our competitors.


Our Defiance 220 and 250 series boats come with a standard 1 1/4″ stainless steel bow rail that is extra tall to allow you to safely fish around the cabin of our Defiance Pilothouse boats. With this very stout and tall bow rail you can easily head to the bow to fish even when you are way offshore or in sloppy conditions.




All of our Defiance Boats have very tall gunnels so that you can feel secure when you are offshore fishing. All defiance boats also come standard with top quality bolster pads to provide comfort while fighting fish in the rear fish cockpit.*Images courtesy of All Rivers & Saltwater Charters.


This is perhaps the greatest amenity on our Defiance Boats. We have over 7′ of length in our fishing cockpit in our 220 Defiance Series and over 9′ 6″ of length in our fish cockpit. With this amount of space you have plenty of room for large coolers and center mount Bait tanks, and of course all of the fishing buddies you can muster! *Image courtesy of All Rivers & Saltwater Charters.

Fishing space